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Sierra McKissick is a behavioral and spiritual health specialist and development coach committed to transforming lives. She helps executives, small teams, and organizations navigate transitions, create psychological safety, and improve companies' and education-related institutions' mindset, well-being, and communal health. As a health facilitator, she provides intimate, interactive experiences and leaves the audience thinking and motivated to act. Her preferred speaking styles are panels, workshops, fireside chats, and seminars. 


After transitioning from a therapist and academic scholar to a full-time social entrepreneur, she engaged with communities as a facilitator. She shared tips and shorthand codes for navigating the marketplace with other founders and creators as a development coach. Personal and professional development, establishing effective health practices, and building relationships and community are essential to her work.

When she's not consulting on programming, she teaches religion. Sierra also runs a media design company and digital education company that provides online resources, including a health and lifestyle magazine for professionals and everyday people choosing to live well. If you haven't met her, take a moment to connect.



MAY 18, 2024
Women's Wellness Expo
Saginaw, Michigan

Join Women of Colors for a fun, free, informative wellness event that will provide education and health tips on relevant women's health topics. REGISTER NOW

Where to find Sierra:
createHER: Skills for Organizing, Resourcing, and Improving Your Life or Business Workshop Facilitator: Sierra McKissick

In this workshop, I will share select modules from my createHER series designed for women seeking to align their occupations and lifestyles.  

JUNE 10 - 16, 2024
Men's Mental Health Week
Virtual Campaign

Join McKissick Health & Wellness for a thoughtful conversation about Men's Mental Health. Visit for more information about this event and other sponsored events for communities. LEARN MORE

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