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As a behavioral and spiritual health specialist and development coach, I facilitate conversations that bring people together to develop solutions to wellness-based problems. Through dialogue, creative thinking, and strategic planning the team or community and I clarify relationships with stakeholders and develop strategies to improve everyone's well-being using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Since most of my work involves consulting with mental health professionals, higher education institutions, and wellness companies, this work can look like closed-door* strategic planning sessions with executives, in-person or virtual seminars, workshops for groups and teams, and panel discussions. My preferred speaking styles are panels, workshops, seminars, and fireside chats (also known as Q&A or ask-me-anything).


I design full-day and multi-day on site or off site workshops using a toolbox full of methodologies that include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Practical Theology (this includes Pastoral Care), Feminist and Womanist Theology, Learner (Growth) Mindset and Neuroplasticity, Somatic learning, and Health Promotion models for communities.

Past seminar/workshop topics include:

Pivot: Revamping Behavioral Health Programs in Higher Education

Creative Agitators in Academia: Using Storytelling and Creative Thinking as Methodologies

Equity in Health Care: Creating and Funding Spaces for Healing

Mourning Grace: Race, Health, and Antiracist Spiritual Care

Additional topics:

Using DIBs: Embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations

Sexuality 101: Sexual Health, Consent, and Pleasure Ethics (for high schoolers or college students)

From College to the Workforce: Occupational Training for Graduates

Prophetic Problem Solver: Developing Grit as a Social Entrepreneur
Collarless Clergy in the Clearing: Pastoral Counselors and Caregivers in Urban Communities

*To maintain the confidentiality of clients, I do not provide information concerning past closed-door sessions with executives. If you would like more details about these sessions, click here. If you are interested in partnering with me on an event, email

books + chapters

books + chapters

"Prioritizing Adjuncts: Revisiting the Impact of Part-Time Educators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs," in Don’t Forget About the Adjuncts!

Don’t Forget About the Adjuncts! is a work that creates space for adjuncts to share their experiences navigating workspaces within higher education and their experiences as part-time faculty. The primary goal of this book is to allow adjuncts to share their experiences navigating workspaces as frequently undervalues faculty in higher education. While frequently, adjunct faculty can feel unheard within higher education institutions, this book offers a platform for adjunct voices to be heard loud and clear. Read more

Creative Manifestos: Inspirational Statements to Celebrate Self-Expression

These 100 boldly designed and carefully curated creative manifestos will inspire, promote change, and spark insight.
A creative manifesto can trigger new ways of seeing problems, encourage us to be daring, and help us find our way out when we feel stuck in a rut. Here, you’ll find 100 inspiring examples from a wide variety of creatives, including writers, designers, architects, and engineers.

"Using In-Class Wellness Practices as a Form of Resistance," in Black Experiences in Higher Education: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Edited by: Sherella Cupid, Louisiana State University
Antione D. Tomlin, Anne Arundel Community College

Information Age Publishing, 2023

Black Experiences in Higher Education: Faculty, Staff, and Students illuminates the narratives of Black faculty, staff, and students and how they navigate their professional experiences, confront the hidden curriculum and work to transform academia. As we think about the context of Black Lives Matter, intersections of race and gender, and what it means to be Black in America, there is a new consciousness and attention to the uniqueness of Black experiences in the world. This book calls attention to how Black folks are navigating their experiences within higher education. Read more

Faith Lessons: A Guide for Christians Battling Doubt and Frustration

by Sierra McKissick
Independently published, 2018

In this book and accompanying workbook, McKissick talks about faith, the church, Christianity and the struggles many have being faithful in a way that keeps the conversation funny and lighthearted while asking readers to dig into their innermost thoughts, desires and shortcomings.

Through 10 lessons, McKissick takes the reader on a journey of self-reflection while also sharing her testimony and how she continues to struggle. Described as a toolkit to help readers journey through their faith walk, it contains scriptures, prayers, life lessons and faith tests.


podcasts (guest appearances)

Creative Conversations: Boss Mode Activated Part I & Part II

We speak with the founder of One Choice Magazine and McKissick Health, Sierra McKissick. We get a chance to understand the good, the bad, the fun, and the rewarding components of being commitment to collaborative teamwork and development.

Corporate Creative Podcast: Positioning Yourself for Impact with Sierra McKissick on Apple Podcasts

Sierra’s background includes clinical therapy, academia and design. She shares her insight on discovering the true meaning of purpose and how we can work intentionally to be in alignment with that.

Suite Talk: 217. Test Drive vs. Window Shopping

On this week's episode Personal Development Coach, Sierra McKissick (@iamsierrajecre) and doctoral candidate Kelsey Burton (@kelsey.0) step into the suite to talk about relationships and how we develop them.

Lirae Journey: Curating with Purpose and Vision

Sierra McKissick discusses how she transitioned from being a therapist to a full-time entrepreneur, and offers advice on how to live a fulfilling life within your calling.

Suite Talk: 104. Forgiveness: Forget vs. Remember

On this week's episode Personal Development Coach, Sierra McKissick (@iamsierrajecre). We talked about petty attitudes. 'To be or not to be Petty?' That is the question. Listen in as Sierra McKissick returns to the suite to talk discuss Ephesian 4:31-32.

Suite Talk: 205. God's Expectation vs My Expectation 

On this week's episode Personal Development Coach, Sierra McKissick (@iamsierrajecre). We talked about a lot in this episode from anxiety, to achieving peace in moments of external pressure. 

virtual seminars

virtual seminars

National Get Outdoors Month
Meditation & Seminar

Explore the benefits of meditation and other grounding exercises in this virtual seminar facilitated by Sierra McKissick.

Cooking for Wellness with Kitchen This

Kitchen This with Chef K, McKissick Health & Wellness, and the Meharry Wellness Club at the Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College partner to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.

Cooking for Wellness with Kitchen This

Kitchen This with Chef K, McKissick Health & Wellness, and the Meharry Wellness Club at the Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College partner to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.

Self Love: Understanding Compassion for Personal Transformation and Social Change

Self-love is a journey towards you understanding and appreciating the range of traits, needs, and desires you have. In this session, you will develop an understanding of how radical self-love counters systems and structures that use our bodies and our experiences of shame to thrive.

This session will teach a 3-stage practice of self-love shaped by philosophical theories of self-consciousness and uncover, acknowledge, and interrogate limiting beliefs rooted in white supremacist and ableist frameworks. 

in-person events

in-person events

14th Annual Leadership Conference

The Agape Love Explosion in Saginaw, Michigan hosted its final leadership conference for youth ages 13 to 18 at the First Ward Community Center. 

Creative and Therapeutic Journaling Workshop

Sierra McKissick, Facilitator

2017 Forum Conference: Facing Inclusion

FORUM is an annual conference centered on addressing issues of racial equity through connecting professionals across sectors to topical experts. Facing Inclusion, will underscore the importance of approaching the diversified workforce with a critical lens and being mindful of the ways the institutions we have created structurally exclude those that live in our respective communities. 

Mourning Grace: Race, Health, and Spiritual Care

Sierra McKissick, Facilitator



"Thankful Thinking: How to Stay Positive During the Holidays"

on Twenty Somethin' & Black

Several articles are published in

One Choice Magazine

"5 Things Millennials Who Are Caregivers to Parents Should Know"

on Inside MHW

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