Behavioral Health Services

Educational consulting services with Sierra can include speaking engagements, developing lesson plans and toolkits, and enhancing services to meet your institution's or company's wellness needs. 

Her preferred speaking styles are panels, workshops, seminars, and fireside chats (Q&A or ask-me-anything). The group or organization should submit an inquiry via email at to see if Sierra is a match.
If you have a particular topic or event, submit an inquiry via email at

*Recordings are only available for virtual sessions hosted on Sierra's Google Meet Account.
**The service rate does not include travel costs for on-site sessions.

Workshops & Seminars** (90min) - [Virtual* or On-site]

Past seminar/workshop topics include:
Pivot: Revamping Behavioral Health Programs in Higher Education
Creative Agitators in Academia: Using Storytelling and Creative Thinking as Methodologies
Equity in Health Care: Creating and Funding Wellness Spaces for Healing
Mourning Grace: Race, Health, and Antiracist Spiritual Care
Church-based Occupational Safety: DEI Evaluation and Employee Resource Audit
The Basics of Organizational Wellness: The Dos and Don’ts of Community Engagement
createHER: Skills for Organizing, Resourcing, and Improving Your Life or Business

Additional topics:
Using DEIBs: Embedding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Organizations
Sexuality 101: Sexual Health, Consent, and Pleasure Ethics (for high schoolers or college students)
From College to the Workforce: Occupational Training for Graduates and Young Professionals
Code of Ethics for Entrepreneurs: The Basics of Managerial and Marketing Ethics
Prophetic Problem Solver: Developing Grit as a Social Entrepreneur
Collarless Clergy in the Clearing: Aiding Pastoral Counselors and Caregivers in Urban Communities
Healthy Thinking: Establishing Wellness Habits and Mindsets for Beginners

Full-Day Workshop Training** (6hrs) - [Virtual* or On-site] 

This strategic planning session is ideal for small teams and centers at colleges, universities, or religious groups. It will help your team, office, or center develop ways to source, develop, and cross-promote your resources and services for communities.
Suppose you seek to promote belonging and create a culture of wellness. In that case, this training will equip your team with equitable strategies that identify strengths and weaknesses, address potential barriers to success, and define practical outcomes.

Development Coaching Interactive Q&A** (60min) - [Virtual* or On-site]

This session is ideal for groups and organizations interested in interviewing me about my role as an educator, tech founder, digital content creator, or Millennial entrepreneur.

Closed-Door Crisis Advising** (120 minutes/1 Session OR 40 minutes/3 Sessions) - [Virtual* or On-site]

Closed-door advising is a career development session for institutional executive leaders, directors, and staff overseeing transitions or responsible for finding solutions to everyday management challenges.

Together, we engage in the following:

Closed-Door* Strategic Planning for Teams

Planning sessions are for small teams, executives, and leaders needing guidance with strategic thinking, content and marketing strategies, back-end systems, and team building. Establishing a team that 

If your team is in the seed and development, startup, or growth phase, you could benefit from one-on-one planning sessions. To see if we are a match, I recommend the group or organization submit an inquiry via email at

*Recordings are only available for virtual sessions hosted on Sierra's Google Meet Account. Sierra does not provide information concerning past closed-door sessions with executives to maintain clients' confidentiality. If you want more details about these sessions, click here. If you want to partner with Sierra on an event, email
**The service rate does not include travel costs for on-site sessions.

Content Strategy & Marketing** - [Virtual* or On-site]

As a creative strategist and multimedia specialist with experience in content strategy and digital marketing, I offer consulting services that support teams seeking to increase visibility and develop a brand experience that reflects their unique story and attracts customers.

How do you develop content that reflects your institution's voice?
How do you navigate tone across all communications?
How do you create equitable employee opportunities and spaces that encourage belonging and professional growth?

Together, we will enhance your footprint in the marketplace while developing content that reflects the value your team seeks to spotlight, create harmony in your production cycle, and identify your flow while implementing a repeatable system.

We will do this by:

With more clarity, your content will consistently drive traffic to your services and products. Have a question? Read the FAQ page.

Leadership Development ** - [Virtual* or On-site]

With nine years of experience as a social entrepreneur specializing in wellness education and technology, Sierra bridges her entrepreneurial skills, human experience, and equity expertise to help executives and founders establish a systems approach that encourages sustainable growth and enhances management skills.

The Basics of Organizational Wellness: The Dos and Don'ts of Community Engagement
This session will teach the fundamentals of effective health promotion and strategies for outreach and includes a close look at achieving health equity within underrepresented groups. 

Living Well: Shifting to Collective Wellness Practices in Congregational Ministries
This session will teach congregational employees and staff skills to support their routines at church and how to embed and use wellness strategies within unique ministry programming. 

Communicating Employee Expectations and Managing Conflict Resolution
This session will help new managers refine their communication skills, learn effective tactics for de-escalating employee conflicts, and establish psychological safety.

createHER: Skills for Organizing, Resourcing, and Improving Your Life or Business
This session will help address the challenges many female founders face when aligning their occupations and lifestyles. Alongside a focused discussion or managing the ebbs and flows of launching a business, we will discuss the resources you need to stay on track.